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Pressure Control Valves

Modular Relief Valve Modular Relief Valve

MRF series Modular relief valve is mainly used to protect the pump and the control valve from over-pressure, and it can maintain a stable pressure in the system....

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Modular Solenoid Relief Valve Modular Solenoid Relief Valve

MSRF series Modular solenoid relief valve is a combination of relief valve and solenoid valve, which uses electrical signals to unload or pressurize the pump....

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Modular Sequence Valve Modular Sequence Valve

MS series modular sequence valve is a kind of direct acting pressure control valve. When the pressure exceeds the setting value of spring, the controlled oil circuit will be opened, otherwise closed....

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Modular Reducing Valve Modular Reducing Valve

MPR series modular reducing valve is a control valve used to set branch circuit pressure lower than main circuit pressure....

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Modular Solenoid Reducing Valve Modular Solenoid Reducing Valve

MSPR series modular solenoid reducing valve is a combination of relief valve and solenoid valve. It uses electrical signals to control the pilot oil circuit, so as to achieve two-stage high-low pressure control of the system....

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The most common types of pressure control valves are the pressure relief valve and the pressure reducing valve. Pressure relief valves control the system pressure by relieving part, or all, of the flow to tank. Pressure reducing valves reduce the pressure supplied to a sub-system of a hydraulic system. This modular valve is a type of pressure control valve.
Pressure control valves may be directly or pilot operated. Larger flows require larger spools or poppets, which increases the area of the spring diameter: the spring force increases proportionally. Pilot-operated pressure control valves require only a small spring, are suitable for compact space requirements.

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