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Proportional Pressure and Flow Control Valve

Proportional Pressure and Flow Control Valve

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Model: EFRD-G03 & EFRD-G06

Proportional flow control valve is a kind of energy-saving speed-control pressure relief valve, which can provide the actuators with required minimum pressure and flow. Since this valve controls the pressure of the pump according to the load pressure by maintaining a minimum differential pressure, it is a low-energy and energy-saving in-line throttle speed control valve.

1. Easy to form a variety of electrically, computer controlled electro-hydraulic systems.
2. Proportional flow control valve can achieve throttle control and pressure control of flow by means of electronic control.
3. With high accuracy of control, flexible installation and use, as well as strong anti-pollution ability.

This proportional pressure relief valve is widely used in plastics machinery, die casting machinery and other industries. It is specifically applied in the hydraulic system demanding frequent change of pressure and flow, providing exquisite and excellent solutions for remote control of the process control system and the signal processing device.

Parameters of Proportional Flow Control Valve

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