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Hydraulic power unit (HPU) is used as an oil supply device, which is connected with a plurality of hydraulic cylinders through an external pipeline system in order to control the action of a plurality of groups of valves. It is an independent in-closed power oil source system composed of a fuel tank, an oil pump and an energy accumulator.

Working Principle of Hydraulic Power Pack
An oil station can be equipped with the PLC control system, which controls all the internal hydraulic functions and generates signal exchange with the control room (DCS). By means of the control element such as the reversing valve, the high-pressure oil is pressed into the cylinder, or the high-pressure oil is discharged from the cylinder.
Under normal conditions, the oil pump supplies oil to the system, automatically maintains the rated pressure of the system, and enables the valve to achieve the position keeping function in any position through the locking of the control valve.
In the working state, the hydraulic actuator is controlled by the solenoid valve. Actuated by the command signal of the system, the solenoid valve controls the oil pressure and the energy release of and energy accumulator, so as to control the cylinder slide valve to actuate the valve through the mechanical transmission mechanism, in order to implement fast closing, normal opening and closing and test control.
And the redundant hydraulic oil will be returned to the hydraulic oil station, so that the pipeline system can control a plurality of valves in parallel connection with a single oil inlet pipe and a single oil return pipe. This kind of hydraulic station with special actuation technology is used to control the actuator of the system.

Usage of Hydraulic Power Unit
1. The HPU is designed for optimization of a variety of applications, for example, it can be used in running a truck in a harsh environment, or long used in carrying heavy loads, and other occasions demanding high performance and high quality products.
From this, a very multi-element universal platform is generated, which is able to cope with most of the application and working conditions demanded by the market by using standard components, so as to reduce the hydraulic component inventory to a minimum level for customers, and greatly reduce the workload of non-standard design as well.
2. Hydraulic power pack is applied for wing cars, tailgate, forklift, aerial working platform truck, dumper truck, four-post lift, car repair lift, ramp, sanitation equipment, automation conveyor belt.
3.HPU is mainly used in rise and fall of the truck’s tail board, the lifting mechanism, the dump truck, the work platform, the press machine and the machine tool.
4. HPU also contributes greater cost advantage of special applications. Micro hydraulic system with high degree of integration is widely used in logistics equipment, vehicle modification, sanitation equipment, etc.

1. Hydraulic power unit is organically combined by a pump, a motor, a multipurpose manifold block, a hydraulic valve and other components into a whole.
2. It can be combined with advanced hydraulic elements such as high-pressure gear pump, cartridge valve and sandwich valve into various hydraulic circuits according to different needs.
3. Compared with conventional hydraulic stations, it is small in size, light in weight, reliable in energy saving, and cheap in price.
4. According to different combinations of hydraulic valves, the hydraulic power station can achieve a variety of hydraulic system circuits, which can be manual or automatically controlled.

Application of Hydraulic Power Unit

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