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Electro Hydraulic Proportional Control Valve

Proportional Direct Acting Relief Valve Proportional Direct Acting Relief Valve

ER-G01 model direct acting proportional valve is composed of a small DC proportional electromagnet and a direct acting relief valve....

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Pilot Operated Proportional Relief Valve Pilot Operated Proportional Relief Valve

ER-G03 & ER-G06 model pilot operated proportional relief valve is a combination of electro hydraulic proportional pilot valve and low-noise relief valve, which is used to proportionally adjust the pressure according to the input current....

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Proportional Pressure and Flow Control Valve Proportional Pressure and Flow Control Valve

Proportional flow control valve is a kind of energy-saving speed-control pressure relief valve, which can provide the actuators with required minimum pressure and flow....

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Proportional Amplifier Proportional Amplifier

Proportional amplifier is used for drive single electromagnet proportional valve. The proportional valve amplifier can offer the current to adjust the valve core to match the input signal. Adjusting the gain and the bias of the potentiometer on the amplifier can ensure the valves accuracy....

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Electro hydraulic proportional valve is referred to as proportional valve, also known as proportional control valve. Proportional valve is a hydraulic component used for proportional control of flow or pressure by using the method of importing analog signal into the electromagnet to generate proportional magnetic force so as to control the position of the spool.

1. It is composed of a proportional regulating mechanism and a hydraulic valve.
2. Electro hydraulic proportional valve is a valve between the general valve and the electro hydraulic servo valve.
3. Its static input-output characteristic (current - flow or current - pressure) is the same as that of the electric hydraulic servo valve, but its response speed is slower and the dynamic characteristic is poorer.
4. The manufacturing accuracy can be reduced, and has the advantages of low cost and strong anti-pollution ability than the servo valve.

Note of Electro Hydraulic Proportional Valve

(1) Applicable hydraulic oil

Petroleum base oil or water - ethylene glycol hydraulic oil: equivalent to ISO Vg32, Vg46 and Vg68 oil

Synthetic liquid (phosphate ester liquid or polyol ester liquid)

(2) Oil viscosity and oil temperature

Recommended viscosity range is 20 to 200mm2/s(cst), and temperature range is -5 to +60 ℃

(3) Pollution control:Please ensure that the pollution level is NAS1638-11

(4) Mounting:Ensure that the exhaust port faces up

(5) Air elimination of proportional control valve

In order to keep the control steady, you should gradually loosen the exhaust bolt at the end of the pressure/flow electromagnet until there is no air bubble in the oil flowing out. You should choose the most upward one among the 3 exhaust ports of the pressure electromagnet to exhaust the air.

(6) Manual adjustment screw

In case of initial adjustment or no input current into the valve due to electrical failure and other problems, you can rotate the manual adjustment screw to temporarily set the pressure and flow of the valve. However, under normal circumstances, the manual adjustment screw must be returned to the outermost end.

(7) Oil return pipe and drain pipe

The back pressure of the oil return pipe and the drain pipe directly affects the lowest regulated pressure or the control of the flow valve spool, therefore, the oil return pipe or the drain pipe cannot be converged with other pipes, but should be individually connected to the oil tank below the liquid level, so that the back pressure is as low as possible.

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